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Does shopko optical accept vsp insurance?

Is there anyone who knows if shopko optical accepts vsp insurance or not. Your answer will be appreciated.
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  • cute_lil_ambie


    Sorry, I am not sure that whether the shopko optical accepts vsp insurance now. My friend just used the vsp insurance to buy the pair of eyeglasses from shopko optical three years ago. You may ask their service department and ask the detail. If it accepts, it will be beneficial to lots of people.
  • Marc


    Yes, they do. Skopko optical accepts most major insurance which cover lots of products. When you plane to take some eyes care or products there, contact the nearest Skopko Eyecare Center for detailed information. Bring your insurance files together when you go there so that you can get your discount. You can get the information of all the Skopko Eyecare Center from its official web.

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