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Are shutter shades still in style in 2012

I find some hot celebs prefer shutter shades and i think they are amazing. I just wonder are shutter shades still in vogue in 2012? If i want to get sunglasses for style, should i buy shutter shades?
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  • b1eedingthrough


    Yeah, the shutter shades are still in popular in 2012. The shutter shades' design is really fashionable which will attract a lot of people's minds on the street. They have three main characters. First of all, it is its decorative role which makes you stand at the front line of fashion. Secondly, it is its protection for the eyes from the ultraviolet rays. Thirdly, it is its fashionable and unique appearance.
  • Nancy


    It is really hard to say. In my opinion, I don't think shutter shades are still that popular than before. I always believe that people wear shutter shades for show or pubs. It can not be worn in daily life. Sunglasses which stay in the fashion for years are the representative of real fashion, such as wayfarer of Ray ban. They will never look out of date. Of cause, shutter shades are not out of date today. But I think it just because of their uniqueness. Things that is too out of box enjoy shorter life that the classical ones. Unless there are designers who grant new vitality to shutter shade to make it popular again, I don't think it will still be in vogue. If you think shutter shade is really cool and you are confident to find perfect matches to go with them, absolutely you can buy a pair. Maybe you can be the designer who rebuild it.