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How to spot fake oliver peoples sunglasses?

There are many fake sunglasses and how to spot fake oliver peoples sunglasses on the market. What can i do to identify fake ones? Any good idea?
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  • elpropio


    There are several tips to guarantee that you can get real sunglasses of any big brand. 1. Ask for the specific product code. Different from other product, every sunglass has its own product code. For example: sunglasses Burberry 8396/S 0CH7 OZ is a typical product code. 8396 is the serial number, S is short for sunglasses, 0CH7 and OZ stand for frame color and lens color. Check the product code. If there is no code or the code is different from the same sunglasses on the official web. It might be fake. 2. Check the certificate. Many big brand sunglasses are sold with certificate. Formal sunglasses stores are the under strict control system. Only stores with official license are allowed to sell real brand sunglasses. Even sunglasses can be highly copied, the certificate can be. That is heavy legal offense. 3. When you decide to by brand sunglasses, you can go check its official website. Address of licensed stores will be listed. You can find the nearest one without worrying about being cheated. I hope these could help you to get good sunglasses.
  • cherrytop7


    There must be some fake oliver peoples sunglasses in the market. However, their manual work will not be so delicate as the real ones. You can observe from the careful observation and direct touch with your hands. In addition, you can wear them to feel the direct comfortable sex. Besides these, you could check its brand to see whether it is printed well.
  • manny


    Well, so the truth is that there are really a lot of fake sunglasses in the market that are prevailing here and there, which give people great difficulty in choosing the real sunglasses. So, whenever you are going to buy yourself a pair of quality sunglasses in the market, you gotta carefully check the quality and ask from warranty or something like that until you are sure of guaranteed service. Basically, you should be patient enough to look for what you really want.