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How much do coach sunglasses cost?

Have you bought coach sunglasses. How much are they and are they quite expensive. I am planning to buy coach sunglasses so i want to know how much money should i prepare. Do you think buying coach sunglasses is a good idea?
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  • b3phoenix


    It has to be expensive as it is a nationally known luxury brand. Generally speaking, coach sunglasses cost about 150 to 200 dollars on average. But it is not the most expensive sunglasses. Compared with Louis Vuitton, it is much cheaper. It is your decision that whether it is a good idea to buy coach sunglasses. If you just want a pair of sunglasses, you can buy some one cheaper, while, if you want something coach, of cause it is ok to spend that money. Here is the international website of coach, go to check and make your own decision.
  • walker_


    If you want to buy a pair of new Coach sunglasses, you have to prepare about $200. And if you need prescription coach sunglasses or buy polarized sunglasses, you may need prepare more money. And maybe you can get affordable coach sunglasses at online shops. Just search them out online. Good luck.
  • cocky_bitch


    About the problem of how much you will pay on the coach sunglasses, it depends on where you buy it and which quality and style you want to buy. Usually the price is between $ 108 and $300 except the very good types. They are worthy to buy because of the good quality and cool appearance.