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Why do babies get sticky eyes?

My baby often got sticky eyes. What causes that and why. What should i do treat his sticky eyes.
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  • Makayla


    The cause of sticky eyes of your baby is that he may get inflamed in the body. Or the place between the eyes and nose is blocked which you should pinch gently. However, you could use the wet cloth to wipe the gum in the eyes from the inside corner of eyes.That will be OK. If you still worry, you could bring your kid to the hospital and have a check.
  • Paige williams


    There has some reason for the sticky eyes of babies. 1. The normal children, when they grow up to 2 or 3 month's old, their eyes will be sticky. The eyelash will be easy to grow ingrowths, when it rubs to the eye ball, the gum will come to protect the eye ball. It is no need to treat; use clean towel to wipe it away softly will be enough. 2. The vernix caseosa, it would be absorbed by skin, please also do nothing to that. 3. If your kid gets inflamed, it will also sticky in eyes. Drinking more water, supply some natural food with vitamin, will be help a lot. 4. If the kid is not only eyes sticky, but also with red eyes and cry, your need go to the doctor to see if the kid get eyes disease such as virus infection. 5. Canalis nasolacrimalis hypopolasia. If this symptom happen, the tear could be hard to get out easily, so the gum comes out. When kid grows up to 1 year's old, the problem will be naturally solved.
  • walkersville


    There must be some discharges of her/his eyes. Usually, new born babies get sticky eyes when a tear duct is blocked. And the discharge is a bit sticky and can make eyes tick together. This is the reason why some people call it sticky eyes. If your the sticky eyes are not serious, you can clean it with a cotton ball dampened in saline solution to wipe your child's eye gently. If your baby have yellow discharges and very serious, you'd better call a doctor.
  • Hunter


    Most infants have this problem. Eyes of newly born baby are often too sticky in accompany with eye dirt so that it is even hard for them to open eyes. In most cases, the situation will turn better naturally in months. Some parents wipe baby's eyes with mild water soaked cloth. It is a relief sometime. The problem is actually aroused by obstructed larcinal sac. Do some massage at the position of sac. Do not use eye-drops roughly. Baby's eyes are not completely developed. Medical eye-drops without doctor’s prescription may result in damages. If things did not come better for quite a long time, turn to a doctor for professional help. In some case, surgery is needed to dredge the larcinal sac.

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