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How long does it take to get glasses from target optical?

i am ready to order glasses from target optical? Do you guys know how long i will get eyeglasses that i order?
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  • walkerstalker2


    They said it depends on where you live. I have purchased a pair at Target Optical. I got my prescription eyeglasses 5 days after o placing the order. In fact, if you really want how long you will wait for your eyeglasses, you'd better contact Target Optical workers. They know better. In fact, except delivery time, they also need time to process your eyeglasses according to your prescription. SO, just contact them.
  • Kristy Prince


    You may wait for about a week. However, if you are in a hurry to use the new pair of eyeglasses, you'd better speak the reason to the client of the target optical. About the quality of eyeglasses at target optical, it is good which is so durable that you can wear for more than two years.
  • Adam tuener


    It depends on which shipping manner you choose and how long the distance is. Generally speaking, it takes at least three work days to get the order. It is the fastest. In common situation, the order will travel for one or two weeks until it get your place. If your place is quite far from the selling location, the time will be longer. Anyway, communicate with customer service; they will give you a rough idea base on their experience. Even through their answer is not the most acute as they are not in charge of FedEx, it is a nice reference.
  • walker67


    As you can see, Target Optical is a good alternative to obtain quality glasses , you can find almost whatever you want here. As to the delivery, I gotta say, it all depends and it is somewhat unpredictable, since their workload can be varied in different seasons. But on general, it takes about 2 weeks before you receive what you have ordered. I think you should actively call them up for quick delivery, instead of waiting and doing nothing.
  • Rob P


    I was originally told seven to ten days for the two pair that I ordered. I called today (10 days later) and she said. They take 3 weeks. That's pretty poor customer service these days. Won't go here again