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Can ear infection cause eye irritation?

Is it possible lead to eye irritation from ear infection? How can ear infection affect on eyes?
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  • walksal0ne


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get eye irritation from ear infection because of the interlinked nerves between eyes and ears. When you get the ear infection, the whole body nerves will be affected. Your eyes will easily get infected through the indirect influence. You'd better treat the ears as soon as possible to avoid the eyes problems.
  • smith


    Well, yes, ear infection can also lead to eye irritation. So when you have ear infection, you should be careful about your eyes or it will just lead to some serious eye problems. First, you need to know that eye irritation can be caused by bacterial, viral, and allergic. And according to some experts, eye irritation which is caused by the same bacteria can also cause ear infections. And as we know that an ear infection can spread to the eyes and cause eye irritation. And also, sometimes, red eyes, itchy eyes, even swelling eyes can be possible too.