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How can i speed up the healing process of pink eye?

I get pink eye and stay at home. It is very boring. What can i do to speed up the healing process of pink eyes? Any idea?
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  • Robert


    If you speed up the healing process of pink eyes, you must do the following steps. You should have the good rest. Keep in mind that not eating the spicy food, drink and smoke. In addition, you can keep on using the eyedrops to release the symptom. You can also keep going to check the situation of eyes at a regular time.
  • Isabel cook


    As we know that a contagious ailment like pink eye is caused by inflammation of blood vessels. Often termed as conjunctivitis, the infection affects the eyes through allergens, bacteria or viruses. There are several things you can do to speed up the healing process of pink eyes fast .and in that way, you don't always have to use medication to alleviate the problem. For example, you can put some ice on your eyes and change it frequently. Also, you can surf the internet and look into some information which can give you good advices on how to eat properly. By all means, if your eyes become severely infected, it is important to consult your doctor.

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