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Are rimless glasses very fragile?

I want to buy rimless glasses. One classmate has a pair and it looks very nice. But my mom told me that rimless eyeglasses are very fragile and easy to be broken. Is that true? Should i give up rimless eyeglasses? I really like it.
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  • Alexia


    I would like to say, the rimless eyeglasses are not as strong as the ordinary full rim glasses. And this kind of glasses has some requirements for the prescription. It must be within the prescription of 200-500, for it's hard to drill and fix the screw with the too thin or thick lenses. However, it's not as vulnerable as it used in a normal way. If your work or study is normal, you are not always doing strenuous exercises in your daily life, you can use this kind of glasses. As personal preference, I like rimless glasses very much, for the beautiful appearance!
  • Chelsey


    Generally speaking, rimless glasses are very fragile and easy to be broken. However, it does not affect you choose a certain style of this kind of glasses that you like very much. If you are in this case, you still stick the rimless glasses, you can select the PC lenses. This kind of lenses are very strong and not easily broken. So there is no doubt that you can still choose the rimless glasses.
  • Angela


    In my own opinion, the rimless glasses are usually designed more beautiful than those frame eyeglasses because of the good permeability. About the quality of rimless eyeglasses, they are as goos as the common frame ones. But there exists one problem that it will lose balance because of the rimless design. Especially when you touch the eyeglasses on a beat, it may be lean. Thus, you can base your need and hobby to choose whether you buy the rimless eyeglasses.
  • Omkind


    Yes, rimless glasses also tend to be more fragile than framed pairs. If you are not careful the lenses may come loose from the earpiece. Repairs can be difficult on rimless frames and they may need to be replaced more often than traditional glasses. Rimless glasses are not an ideal choice to wear when participating in sports.

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