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How to put on eye patch?

My eye doctor suggested me to wear eye patches. And i just bough it. Can you tell me how to put an eye patch rightly?
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  • Kate


    The doctor suggests you to wear eye patches. There must be some eye problems for you. You should put the eye patch in the refrigerator for a while. Then when you use it, you can take it out and put on your eyes with the bends around your head. It can promote the blood circulation, release the eyeball bloodshot and prevent the black eyes. You should keep doing this until you feel comfortable in your eyes.
  • Richard


    In order to let the eye patch correct lazy eyes effectively, it's necessary to wear eye patch in a correct way. First and foremost, you should select the suitable and comfortable eye patch, otherwise, it would cause headache or uncomfortable on the face and eyes if it's too tight. Then, you can place a piece of gauze over the eye to keep the eyelid closed. And you place the eye patch on the lazy eye and set alarm clock to notice you how long you need to wear to treat lazy eyes. In general, it's helpful to wear eye patch for three to four hours each day.
  • Arianna


    Well, if your purpose of buying eye patch is to get better sleep and resist sleep disturbances, then it is a slight problem. As I have also bought an eye patch, I can tell you the instruction, it is quite easy actually. Firstly, get a grip on the elastic string and put it around the back of your head, then hold on to the patch and cover your eyes with the rear of the patch. And you are good to go. Actually, it is really a sleep facilitator.

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