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Are free sunglasses from online stores in bad quality?

I was looking through a webpage and saw this add for free sunglasses. They claim that the sunglasses up to 100 dollars are free to users as long as they pay shipping fee. Has anyone purchased free sunglasses online and if so how is the quality like?
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  • Jordan


    I can't say that all free sunglasses from online are good quality, but there are some good quality sunglasses online for free of charge. In the heated competition of market, some emerging online stores may distribute coupons for low-cost or free eyewear so as to attract customers and gain market share. So, you are likely to get good quality free sunglasses or cheap sunglasses from them. And you can possibly find related information at some websites like
  • walker_


    Before I get free sunglasses from online stores, I thought the quality of them are bad,too. But when I get them, I find they are of the same quality sunglasses as the name brand styles. They also have a label saying UV 400 which can block all UV rays including UVA and UVB rays. They worth to get even if you should pay the shipping fee.

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