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Is it true that I can get free eyeglasses online?

I have seen some online stores are giving away free eyeglasses, is it true that I needn't pay a penny for it? Will the glasses quality be very bad?
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  • Nathan harris


    Maybe. I've known thta some online optical stores do give away free eyeglasses for new buyers, like Firmoo. But that doesn't mean you don't pay a penny for it. It is said that you must pay for the shipping fee. However, if you want to get more information about free eyeglasses, you'd better consult their customer service online. Glasses that are given away for free also have good quality. I've got a pair of glasses for free several months ago and I find the glasses are still in good condition though I wear them every day. So you don't have to worry about the quality of the glasses.
  • Sue Livingston


    Yes, there are some online optical shop offer free glasses such as Firmoo,com, I have got one from Firmoo. Though they are free of charge, the prescription eyeglasses i got from them are mad of good quality and with a nice look. I really appreciate their free glasses. If you look for free glasses, you can search "free glasses" in Google, you are likely to find the suitable free glasses in some online optical shops.
  • Jolie Yan


    It is true to some extent. As I have known, there is a great eyeglasses vendor online,, which offers the nice activities for customers.At the same time, the glasses offered there are all with high qualities and various styles. If you do not want to miss such great chance, you'd better log in to have a detailed look.

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