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Do Pink Glasses Look Good On Blondes?

I saw some small, light pink glasses on the optical store yesterday. My hair is mid blonde and my face is about oval. I am not sure cause everyone keeps saying black is better. How do you think pink glasses on blonds?
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  • Faith fergus


    pink glasses would go well with blond hair. In my opinion, the color of the glasses is mainly depending on the skin color. If you have fair skin, pink glasses can match you very well. If you are tanned, you might not be suitable for pink glasses. As you have an oval face, any type of glasses will suit you fine. Personally, you can try rectangular frame eyeglasses, such as rectange and square frame glasses, which can go well with your face shape.


    You can have a try. There is no rigid rule that what colors of glasses shall were to match blondes hair. Sometimes, we need creation and wear some eyeglasses that most people not so as to make you standing out from a crowd of people. Besides, oval faces are considered the most perfect face shape that can wear any types of eyeglasses frames. I believe that a pair of small pink eyeglasses or pink glasses frame match blonde hair will give you a striking look.