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Are pink glasses good for road cycling?

I've found a pair of pink glasses that I like it very much. But I often go road cycling and I wonder if pink glasses are good for such sport.
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  • camzron


    Of course you can. It just depends on your preference. However, if you go to choose pink glasses for road cycling, make sure they can give your eyes full protection and you feel comfortable with them. For me, I prefer polarized sunglasses with grey tint color if I go road cycling because grey polarized sunglasses can reduce the glare that is reflected from surface and protect my eyes from strong light and UV rays.
  • Alexander david


    Yes, sure. Pink tinted eyeglasses lenses can give the highest contrast of all the tints, and give great low-light resolution. They are excellent for high-contrast sports. Of course, you can use it for cycling. Aside from pink eyeglasses, grey glasses, amber glasses, and brown glasses, rose eyeglasses and red glasses are also good choices for people who like cycling. So, you can choose the best favorite and suitable glasses for cycling and good looks.