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Can a girl look good in horned rimmed glasses?

I have seen horned rimmed glasses are mostly worn by men, can I also wear horn rimmed glasses? Will it look weird on me?
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  • Marc


    Horned rimmed glasses are popular with girls, too. I've seen many girls wearing horn rimmed glasses and they do look outstanding. However, not everyone will look fashion with horn rimmed glasses. The best way to see whether you are suitable for horn rimmed glasses is to go to a vision center or ophthalmologist's office where you can select different pairs and try them on. If they look good on you, then you can get them either from the doctor's office or online. If they don't suit you, you can try other types of glasses.
  • Melanie


    Though horn rimmed glasses are not fresh eyeglasses and mostly worn by male celebrities like johnny depp, Brad Pitt, there are girls and women look great with horn rimmed glasses like Anne Hathaway. Anne really looks amazing with square horn rimmed glasses frames match her purple skirt. So, If you like horn rimmed glasses, just test it out. It will make you distinct from others.
  • akash


  • kim


  • pam


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