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Can fashion nerd glasses be made with prescription lenses?

I have seen many people wear these nerd glasses for fashion and I also would like to have a try. But I am nearsighted and I wonder if I can have the big nerd glasses made with my prescription?
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  • clozco


    Yes, sure. prescription nerd glasses are available in almost all glasses shops. Big nerd glasses frames and small nerd glasses can be found everywhere, and you can choose it according to your favorite. But you shall also consider your prescription. Since you are nearsighted, if you have strong prescription, you'd better choose small nerd glasses frames for the sake of beauty. That because big nerd eyeglasses frames need big lenses, but the lenses for nearsightedness are thin in the center and thick at the edge that big lenses will have thick lenses edge. If you are lucky with mild prescription, both big nerd glasses or small nerd glasses will flatter you.
  • handwithlighter


    Of course, many optical stores have fashion prescription nerd glasses offered. You can get them either from your eye doctor or from online optical store as long as you know your prescription. If your prescription has changed, you should have an eye exam again to get your new prescription nerd eyeglasses. If you have a strong prescription, you'd better not get big nerd glasses but get small nerd glasses because the edge of big nerd glasses is too thick,which may affect your appearance.