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Where to buy steve job glasses online?

I really like Steve Jobs' rimless glasses. Does anyone know what specific brand or manufacturer his glasses are? Where can I buy such glasses online?
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  • Patricia


    Glasses that steve job worn are rimless round-lensed eyeglasses which are made by German optical company Lunor Eyewear. Now there are many optical stores offer the style of eyeglasses that is similar to the steve job glasses. Rimless round glasses are the style of steve job glasses. You can search rimless round eyeglasses online in the web broswer. Go to Firmoo and have a look because they have eyeglasses that are similar to Jobs' signature eyeglasses. You can get them with comprtitive price.
  • Kaylee tuener


    Some people said that the round glasses steve job worn is made of Louis. In fact, steve job glasses also called round framed glasses. We can find it almost in every glasses shop both in lcoal shop or online optical shops. And i saw online optical shop like, and provide such round eyeglasses that steve worn. I also see Firmoo offers free glasses, you can have a look.

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