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When did horn rim glasses become popular?

Horn rimmed glasses nowadays have garnered a great popularity among the individual, I just wonder when the horn rim glasses became popular?
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  • giles


    Horn rimmed glasses are originally made of horn or shell. Nowadays, horn rimmed glasses refer to a type of thick vintage eyeglass which are made of horn, tortoiseshell or dark thick plastic. Horn rim glasses gain its popularity in America in 1910s. There are two persons called Harold Lloyd and Buddy Holly making horn rim glasses become popular from then on and they will be in fashion forever.
  • eatmyhartout


    I can't tell when did the horn rimmed glasses become popular. Horn rimmed eyeglasses frames were originated from Europe in the 1880s. It is said that horn rimmed glasses became popular in Harold Lloyd, a silent movie actor who makes a habit of wearing signature horn rimmed glasses. However, most of people know horn rimmed glasses in 1950s because of Buddy Holly, who often wear horn rimmed glasses in his album covers. Then, most of people begun to wear horn rimmed glasses frames.