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Does visine cause dry eyes?

I hear some medicine can cause dry eyes. Will visine cause dry eyes? Why?
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  • Rickey Stumphf


    Yes, of course, take visine, or what we usually call eye drops, will give rise to dry eyes, and that is the reason why people around us don't recommend we use them everyday. Because by using them too much, you are likely to develop reliance on them, you cannot live without them, and indeed the chemical substance will do harm to your eyes. But if you feel really bad, you can take them, but you shouldn`t take them whenever your eyes are not comfortable. Anyway, their are other ways to relieve your eyes' uncomfort.
  • Kimberly


    Because some medicine having the role of dehydration, they may cause the eyes to feel dry. However, using too much eye drops is not a good way for eyes. We can see many visine eyedrops to make our eyes temporary moisture. In fact, using too much eye drops will quicken the speed of evaporation in your eyes. It has the function to make our eyes feel better.