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Where are von zipper sunglasses made?

Von zipper sunglasses are really cool for men. I plan to buy a pair to my boy friend. Can you tell me where are von zipper sunglasses made? How can i identify real von zipper sunglasses?
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  • Shannon


    I heard that von zipper sunglasses are brand of America. If you want to buy a real von zipper sunglasses, you can go their official websites. But it might be a little expensive. I also see some von zipper sunglasses at It seems they are cheaper than they were at Anyway, to be sure, i think you'd better choose it at Good luck.
  • clark


    The von zipper sunglasses are usually made in America. They are designed in fashionable appearance. And their material so durable that you can wear at least three years. They are worthy to be worn. You can buy one online with the relatively cheap price. Just from the brand, manual work and the details can you find whether it is real.
  • Nathan harris


    They currently manufacture shades in China AND Italy. Models have been moving to China over the last couple years.In general, and particularly for my model (Skitch), the Chinese version is higher quality.Since I was expecting the Chinese version and I got the Italian one, they are happy to fullfill a warranty claim and replace my Italian made Skitchs with Chinese ones.