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Jada shelley


Can rubbing my eyes cause swelling?

Is rubbing eyes cause swelling? Why? Can anyone explain to me?
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  • Theresa M


    Yes, For most people , to some extent, rubbing too hard or too often does hurt your eyes. Rubbing will stimulate tears to flow and lubricate dry eyes, also, it can relieve stress. That's because pressing down on your eyeball stimulates the vagus nerve to slow down your heart rate. After stopping rubbing, our eye pressure will return to normal so it won’t cause long term damage. However, for those who have certain eye conditions, an increasingly pressure caused by hard, frequent or prolonged rubbing could cause serious problem. Rubbing can also affect the front of the eye. For long time the increased eye pressure and the mechanical damage can harm the cornea, which will influence your eyesight.
  • Brook Park


    It may be. When you are rubbing your eyes, the eyeballs are under pressure which will suffer pain. In addition, the eye muscles around the eyes will get intensified. If you keep on rubbing, the eyes surrounding parts will become red and then get swelling. You'd better not rub the eyes.
  • coldnd


    There is no evidence shows that rubbing eyes can cause swelling eyes. Some people got swelling eyes after rubbing eyes may get infection, or they are allergies. If so, rubbing eyes usually will make them more worse. So, if you want to rub your eyes, just do it. If you want to rubbing eyes because itches or somethings, your eyes may get some eye disorder such as dry eyes or infection. So, just get an eye check first.
  • Christian scott


    Why you treat your eyes so rude, you know the blood vessel around your eyes are very subtle, if you overexert your eyes, the vessel will be deformation and cause its congestion, then your eyes will swelling. Or if your eyes have some light inflammation, the rub to your eyes will lead to injure, it will also swelling. Anyway, rub your eyes may get some virus into your eyes if your hands are dirty. Relax your eyes and clean your hand, use clean towel to do the cold compress to your eyes, it will recover soon. For the virus cause, some eyes drop will help also!

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