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John eddy


Can computer vision syndrome cause dizziness?

I hear that Long time working with computer will cause computer vision syndrome. I just got dizziness when i stay a long time in front of computer. Is that Computer Vision Syndrome?
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    Indeed, if you have worked with computer for a long time, it is possible that you might develop computer vision syndrome. A prominent sign of the syndrome is dizziness, sometimes you also feel you wanna throw up, really bad feelings. These feelings are natural because computer really give no benefits to your health. So, what you should do is to take break regularly and have some other activities besides working with computers, ok? Try to find some ways to get rid of your syndrome.
  • Pete


    Nowadays, people become more and more depended on the computers. We can find almost all work needs the computers. However, if you sit in front of computers and work for a long time with little rest for the eyes, the eyes may get dry.What's worse, the floaters may come into your eyes. Sometimes, you may feel dizzy in front of the computers. In order not to get the computer vision syndrome, you'd better keep the good habit of having a rest after an hour in front of the computers.
  • Kelly gary


    Yes, it could cause that. The main cause of dizziness is computer vision syndrome or computer eye strain, which would appear when you sitting in front of the computer monitor in the same position for a prolonged period. If you feel dizzy when working with computer, you have to take a break by walking away from your desk and do some stretches. And exchange focus your eyes on some object nearby and far away for 20 seconds seperately. And you could blink slowly 10 times every 20 minutes to help moisten eyes and prevent dry eyes. On the other side, you could adjust your workstation thus make your monitor well litted.
  • Christina keith


    I have this kind of experience as well. I got that kind of dizziness a few times after sitting at the computer at work and also felt like I needed to hold onto the wall to get down the hall. I had been on the computer for about 5 hours without taking my eyes off of it (and had been doing this for a few days straight). This kind of dizziness was not a symptom of "anxiety", either. The dizziness struck so quick and violently, I thought my chair had tipped over. I literally thought I was falling off the chair for a few seconds when it hit. Had to put my head on the desk and felt like I needed to hold on to the desk. It was scary! Lasted probably 5 minutes. I was eventually OK, but it was an awful feeling. I've heard that flourescent lights can sometimes cause dizziness, and I've also heard the flourscent lights (might be the older kind) have been associated with some seizures. My opthalmologist said the theory on computers causing eye problems is bogus (but I don't know if I believe him :)