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How soon can i play golf after cataract surgery?

I just receive an cataract surgery two weeks ago. And my doctor told me not take sports in those days. Can i play golf right now? Or how soon can i play golf?
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  • vicki


    when can I start playing golf after my cataract surgery?
  • Meg


    How soon can I play golf after cataract surgery
  • r taylor


    how soon can i play golf after cataract opp
  • Jonathan griffin


    There are different kinds of cataract surgeries. And their recovery times are also varied. In generally, it takes 3 week to heal. You'd better consult your doctor and ask some suggestions. In two weeks, you eye are not completely healed. And during recovery time, there are something you need to notice. 1. Wear sunglasses; 2. Apply medical drop appropriately; 3. Have more rest; 4. Move slowly; 5. Do not take heavy or big something, avoid increase IOP; 6. Eat more vegs, fruit and drink more water. Golf is an outdoor sport. Sweat might get in your eyes and the strong sunlight also might hurt your eyes. As a precaution, do not take any sport movement unless your doctor agrees.
  • Ariana kirk


    Usually, your eyes will get basic recovery after a week of the cataract surgery. However, if you want to take part in the sports activities, you'd better wait after a month. In order to let the eyes get the full recovery, you'd better have a good rest for the eyes.

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