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Cameron smith


Why do some people have 2 different colored eyes?

I heard that there are some people have two different colored eyes. It is so strange. Why this happen?
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  • coppercoconut19


    Yes it is a fact that some people have two different colored eyes. People's eye color a manifestation of the pigment that is present in the iris. Two different-colored eyes within a single individual is comparatively very few in humans which is mainly caused by increased or decreased pigmentation of the iris. Although previously believed to be inherited in simple Mendelian fashion, eye color has proved to be a polygenic trait. And we hold that people may have two different colored eyes due to an alteration in the expression of the genes within the cells of the entire iris or even a particular section. It sounds quite interesting that people have two different colored eyes but it really exists and there is still a lot of fun to explore other possible underlying causes of it.
  • Jonah


    The different colors of human's eyes are related to the heredity and races. Different races have different colors of eyes. Eastern people and Western people have different chromocytes of iris. The hybrid people have different genes origination. So sometimes they may have two different colored eyes, it is normal and interesting. Theirs father and mother give them one eye gene superlatively. The chief actor of Prison Break of Michael Scofield who played by wentworth miller, he has two different colored eyes too. The left one is hazel and the right one is light green. He always wearing colored contact lenses to hide his secret, so it is hard to find this point from is photos.
  • molly


    one reason is that some times pigments in your eye can mix up and change the eye colur