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Thai dating

My Russian girlfriend's student visa in Germany ends in december and she has an

She would have had an appointment today but because the trains and buses in her city was rerouted and out of schedule (Which was not updated online) She missed it at the same time she headed off to arrive there half an hour early. Now she requested a new appointment but web templates they could give her is January 12.

just what this mean for her, possessing gap in visa time? Does she have _a href= dating_/a_ to leave the particular? Will she pay a fine? How all of this?There overstaying earning you money overstaying. Is still a student and may as well support herself, And that qualitatively a lot different from still being near your vicinity despite having dropped out of uni, and so on. Even if she had carelessly neglected to renew her permit, She only pays a good: 98 Abs 1 AufenthG.

anyway, The result of a routine identity check is not going to be their boxing her into a van and shipping her off to a deportation holding center. What most likely is something such as "Why will be permit expired, And then she says, "Because the Auslnderbehrde didn give me an appointment until January Xth. I can show you the letter if you want, Then law enforcement will be like "wow, ok.
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