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Does acupuncture points work for tired eyes?

Can i use acupuncture points to help my tired eyes? Does it really help?
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  • Caleb murphy


    Yes, you could use the acupuncture points to help your tired eyes because of the relaxation of the eyes nerves. It is really helpful. If you want to feel more comfortable, you could also do the warm compress which will get rid of your tiredness fully from the eyes. In addition, you could also use the eye drops to get rid of the tiredness of the eyes. You could have a try.
  • Sara scott


    Yes. It is wise to use acupuncture points to help relieve your tired eyes. Applying acupuncture points to special pressure points has long been a traditional and useful practice in the Chinese medical history. It is medically said that there exists a special pressure point, "Eyes Bright", locating directly in between the eye to which acupuncture points can be applied. And applying acupuncture points to the "Eyes Bright" can ensure a pair of refreshed and cleared eyes. What's more, pressure points applied to other pressure points in the body can also strengthen the immune system and improve the function of certain internal organs that are related to the eye, in which way the tired eyes will be relived and refreshed either.
  • David Felker


    Tired eyes are most commonly due to strain and inadequate sleep. Also, parts of eye problems are causes of tired eyes, such as watery eyes, red eyes and glaucoma. Acupuncture is the most famous and important treatment option in ancient China, which is as lo the cradle of acupuncture. Acupuncture is broad and profound so that many countries want to seek the reasons around the world. In China, everyone has some knowledge about acupuncture and still believes acupuncture is their greatest treatment though we are in medically advanced modern societies. If you want to heal tired eyes through acupuncture, you need visit a traditional Chinese doctor. The traditional Chinese doctor will use thin needles to stab acupuncture points on your body to reduce blood pressure and help with chi in a normal circle in your body. But a good and real traditional Chinese doctor is hard to find, so be careful.