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Can ear infection cause swollen eye?

I got ear infection and my eyes swollen. Why? Can ear infection cause swollen eye?
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  • chrissyonline


    Well, yes, ear infection can lead to swollen eyes. As we know that bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by the same bacteria that cause ear infections. So we can say that it is likely to have eye infection when someone has an ear infection. Also, an ear infection can spread to the eyes and cause conjunctivitis, and eye infection. When you have eye infection, your eyes can be itchy. In some cases, it can lead to swollen eyes. And then it turns out to be the situation what you have said. So you should not touch your eyes, when you have ear infection, especially with the fingers which have touched the ears. Or it can infect your eyes. Also, maybe some eye drops can be effective to the symptom. But you should heal the ear infection first. Or ear infection can lead to some other eye diseases.
  • Cassidy bell


    Well, as a matter of fact, it is possible that an ear infection would give rise to a lot of problems, such as swollen eyes. Because you should know that every part of our body is interconnected and they would affect one another if one gets infected. So, my advice for you is to consult a doctor and take some medicine before it is too late. Maybe timely treatment would stop it from spreading.
  • Miranda hall


    Yes, ear infection can cause swollen eye. Because there is connection between eyes and ears and therefore if there are something wrong with ear, there must be something wrong with eyes as well. When your ear gets infection, the infection can easily spread to the other part of your face such as eye. When this happens, your eyes will get infected as well. What is more, swollen eyes can also caused by heredity, allergies, stress, fatigue, crying, alcohol consumption, dehydration and excess sodium.