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How to fix a detached retina?

If i get retinal detachment, how can i treat it? Is there any way to treat a detached retina? How much money they need to fix a detached retinal?
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  • Zoe murphy


    Well, it seems that there are some severe problems with your eyes and you need to take immediate actions about it. So, if you get a retinal surgery, you'll have to be extremely careful of your eyes and pay a lot of attention. Also, you have to take medicines and lots of medical care. Actually, it will take you about over ten thousand dollars to treat your eyes. However, you will not be blind, if properly and timely treated.
  • Megan W


    If you get the retinal detachment, you will have to treat it through the retinal detachment surgery which could help you go well on the eyes. It may cost you about $800 to $ 1200. You'd better choose the famous hospital which will own the excellent doctors. Although the price is little higher, the skill will be better which will be beneficial for your eyes recovery.
  • Lainey


    The function of the retina is delivering visual images along the optic nerve to the brain. There is light-sensitive tissue in the retina, which would be detached from the back wall of the eyeball to cause blurry vision. The most effective and best treatment for repairing retinal detachment is taking an eye surgery. But you should consider what kind of retinal detachment you have. If you get a pneumatic retinoproxy performed on your retinal detachment. This kind of retinal detachment surgery can be done as an outpatient procedure using a local anesthetic. Or have a virectomy performed to fix the retina detachment by removing the fluid between the eye lens and the retina.

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