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When can i wear contacts after pink eye?

I suffer pink eyes a month ago. But it was cured. So, can i wear contact lenses right now? Or it is bad to my eyes?
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  • george


    Yes, you can wear contact lenses right now because your pink eyes is already completely cured. But you should pay more attention about wear contact lenses, such as do not share contact lenses with other people, wear the contact lenses that other people used wear may cause the eye infection, and do not wear it when you're sleep.
  • Vivid


    Well, in my opinion, you can wear contact lenses in one week. And that can be fine. Generally speaking, for most of people, pink eyes can be annoying and painful. Also, when it occurs, your eyes will turn to red, bloodshot, which are the most common symptoms. For the causes, it can be caused by infection. So if you wear contact lenses right now, it will just increase the risk of getting pink eyes back, for contact lenses can just carry some virus in your eyes. Anyway, just wait for one week.
  • Carlos quick


    You can wear contact lenses, but the contact lenses must be clean. If you didn't wear them while you suffering from pink eyes, you can take it easy. If you did, you need to sterilize the contact lenses with solution at first. Pink eyes are caused by infection, so you need to keep your clean all the time. And your hands have to be clean while you wearing contact lenses. Storing your contact lenses with solution every night is always needed.

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