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Does anyone know if alexis bledel wears contacts ?

Do you know if alexis bledel wears contact lenses? What types of contact does she wear? It looks really nice!
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  • Brandon


    Yes, alexis bledel wears the blue contact lenses which makes her eyes look so startling and shining. The blue eyes are so attractive and shining. She looks so beautiful and attractive at the eyes. If you like such colored contact lenses, you could go to the online stores to buy one. You could go to the walmart to have a look because the price there is so suitable.
  • bell


    Alexis has beautiful blue eyes because her multiple gene, but she has to wear contact lenses because she has near-sightedness. And, she always wear colored contact lenses. You can wear cosmetic contact lenses even though you are have perfect eyesight. Glasses store and cosmetic salon provide cosmetic lenses, ebay and amazon have colored contact lenses as well.
  • Christopher dale


    Well, it seems that you are very interested in alexis bledel, which is an American celebrity. From what I know, she has got a pair of sea blue eyes, which made her very beautiful and charming. So, she rarely tries to wear contact lenses except for a show or something. Of course those eyes are amazing, you could also get that effect by getting some circle contact lenses in a optical store.