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Does dwyane wade wear glasses?

I heard that dwyane wade wears eyeglasses. Is that true? What types of eyeglasses does he wear?
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  • b3autifulxlies


    Dwyane Tyrone Wade strong and cool. After matches, Dwyane Wade wears glasses in daily life. He always likes to wear giant frames on his head and it is a one thick frame which makes him look even dumber. He also wears Dita Bravado Optical eyeglasses and Gucci Quilted Bomber Jacket. These two stylish glasses make him much stronger and charming, even sexy. However, when he is playing basketball, he is likely to wear contact lenses which can avoid being hurt eyes by broken fragments during matches. All in all, no matter which kind of glasses he wears, his fans are all fond of him and will support him forever. By the way, these stylish glasses can be found on
  • Sharron Green


    He does wear eyeglasses in his daily life. That's a type of black glasses with big frame. The glasses make him more friendly, you'd agree with me if you have seen. But there's nothing special for his glasses, you can buy a similar one which matches you well. Most of the glasses retailers offer this kind of black glasses, walmart has lots of them too. But if it's not convenient for you to buy them in real store, you can try online shopping. Ebay and amazon both offer them.
  • Makayla


    Well, it seems that you are interested in Wade right, actually, he is awesome. Anyway, he is an American black man, whose eyes are originally black, and due to the fact that he often plays basketball games, he rarely wears glasses on the court, but when off the court ,he often wears nerd glasses or black glasses, which is amazing. You could get them at any optical store.

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