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Are raw potatoes good for reducing bags under eyes?

Can i use raw potatoes to reduce the bags under my eyes? Does it really work?
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  • christensengirl


    Well, looks like you have got something bad with your eyes. Anyway, it is true that eye bags would make you look bad and less confident, so you should take good care of the problem. Generally speaking, raw potatoes slice is of some use to your problems for that is enriched in some nutrition and vitamins, which would relieve the situation. But most importantly, you have to pay attention to other aspects and try to resort to other means of help.
  • big john


    I really understand the way you feel. The bags under your eyes make you look much older and more tired than you really are, which is annoying. But raw potatoes can exactly reduce the symptom. As a matter of fact, the bags stem form when the skin cells under your eyes become damaged and break down. You skin then becomes thinner and the bags appear. However, raw potatoes help replace the vitamin C that has been removed from your skin cells. Vitamin C helps your body reproduce those skin cells at a faster place, so the new healthy skin cells can lessen the appearance of bags under your eyes. Besides, it supplies your dry eyes with water and relief the symptom. Therefore, if you keep using raw potatoes as a habit, i am sure you will recover soon.
  • Angela tuener


    Now people in significant numbers are coming to realize that personal appearance and body health are more and more important. So if someone has eye bags under eyes, friends around him/her could give many suggestions to get rid of it. In a word, any factor that may affect one’s image, then it must be killed. Well, let’s just talk about can raw potatoes work on eye bags? My answer is yes. Potatoes are one of nature's best remedies for naturally getting rid of these unwanted circles and bags. You just need to wash them to remove dirty on them, then grate the potato into a pile of shreds and wrap them into separate cheese cloths, next place them on eyes for ten minutes each side, finally take away them and use clean and running water to f rush your face, especially skin around your eyes. I promise you must fresh and beautiful in one months. Don’t allow anything reduce your young and charming. You’ll be the one, you must be the only one.