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Paige williams


does khloe kardashian wear colored contacts?

I heard that khloe kardashian wears colored contact lenses. Is it true? What colored contact lenses does she wear? Can i get such colored contacts from somewhere?
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  • clozco


    The original eye color of her eyes is brown, but she wear colored contact lenses at some specific place. I saw her picture once with blue eyes, and I think she has to wear several different colors. If you want to buy colored contact lenses. You can choose to shop at glasses store, cosmetic salon, ebay, or amazon. Colored contact lenses are all the same, you can buy any color based on your preference.
  • eeelisa814


    Yes, it is true that khloe kardashian wears the colored contact lenses. It is the brown contact lenses that she wears. She looks so beautiful and attractive at the eyes. If you want to buy such kind of contact lenses, you could go to the online store to have a search. You could go to the ebay or amazon to have a look.
  • Jade scott


    Well, I think khloe kardashian is one of the most beautiful negroes females in the world, and as a matter of fact, she has got a pair of hazel eyes, which made her quite attractive. But she does not like to wear colored contact lenses. If you are really fond of her hazel eyes, you could get a pair of hazel contact lenses at Amazon or Walmart vision store , where you could see lots of different types at affordable prices.

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