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What are best swimming goggles for people with glasses?

I am nearsighted. Now, i want to go swim. Can you tell me what are the best swimming goggles for me? Any suggestion?
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  • Jeff


    Ok, I can see you have got myopia and would like to swim. Anyway, you should get a pair of goggles that could both protect your eyes from pool water and give you visual aids. Therefore, I would like to recommend prescription swimming goggles to you, which could just give you want to seek. Here is a link, just try to browse through it. There are so many options from which to choose.
  • Arianna griffin


    Hello, good goggles for swimming are those will not leak water, fog up, or have a bad string, leave red circles around eyes. Some brands like Pro anti Fog, Air Seal XR Mirrored and Aqua Racer Mirrored are not bad. What's more, Speedo Vanquisher goggles, with tinted and mirrod styles, are also very comfrotable and do not leak or break easily. So you can shoose some from them.
  • harris


    Yeah, there are some glasses called prescription goggles for those who are nearsighted with glasses. Also, there are many places where you can get them. For example, you can buy the prescription goggles at your eye doctor's or Walmart. Beside, if you do not want to spend much money on the goggles, you can buy them online. For instance, you can buy your wanted prescription goggles on website like Also, you can rank the Ebay on your choice, because there are many styles for you to choose. Even though there are so many ways you can get the goggles, I strongly suggest you buy your wanted goggles at your doctor's. Because you know your doctor will help you choose the suitable style and the right prescription for you, which plays an important role in buying the glasses with prescription.

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