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Does elle fanning wear glasses?

Do you know if elle fanning wears glasses? If so, what types of eyeglasses does she wear?
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  • Caroline


    I can think of no better illustration of this idea than the example of pictures of her online. When you input Elle Fanning, you can see many sites and the first one is pictures of her included wearing glasses. Elle Fanning is so nearsighted that she must wear contacts or eyeglasses to enhance her eyesight. And I made a thorough surfing online and found that she wears contact lenses much longer than eyeglasses in public, which is sometimes she is seen in glasses. I think eyeglasses increase her charming and elegant. Mary Elle Fanning , known as Elle Fanning, is an American actress. She is the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning. She is young and sexy. From the pictures of her when wearing eyeglasses, I guess that she is likely to wear Oakley and Ray-ban glasses, exactly black round glasses. So cute and sexy. These two brands of glasses can found at .


    Elle Fanning has beautiful eyes with perfect eyesight, the glasses you see she worn may be a plain glasses which is just wearing for makeup. I saw her once in a magazine, with a pair of big black round glasses. That's cute and cool. You can buy a similar one as well. Lots of online and offline retailers provide this type of plain glasses, but if you have eyesight problem, you can ask the doctor to give you a prescription, or ask the retailers if they have their own doctors.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    It seems to me you like elle fanning very much right, so as a matter of fact, she is very cute and amazing, but I should say, she has got great vision and basically does not wear glasses. However, sometimes she would try to wear some non-prescription frames for good looks. You could see lots of those colorful frames at a large optical store.

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