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Is egg whites good for bags under eyes ?

I heard that egg whites is good to help reduce the eye bags. Is that true? Why or why not?
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  • William clive


    Yes, the egg whites contain the nutrition that could reduce the eye bags and moisture the eyes if you eat it. The egg white is the most nutritious part of egg which is so rich in nutrition. Because the egg yolk contains a large number of cholesterol, it will not be so good to heart health if you eat it more. About 90% of the egg white is water. But other parts of the protein are protein, minerals, vitamins, fat and glucose composition. Protein nutrition is the most interesting thing which contains forty different proteins. If you use it, each of the body are great benefits. In addition, it also contains zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium and potassium and other minerals. All of these minerals are necessary to hair, nails, bones and teeth health. Protein contains vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and vitamin g. Your eye bags will be reduced through the moisture of the eyes and good work of the eyes. At the same time, you will get much nutrition through it.
  • Christina


    Well, looks like you are not very happy with your eye bags. So, generally speaking, eye bags are resulted from aging, bad use of your eyes, negative emotions, and drinking and smoking, etc. Anyway, what matters most is to quit those bad things or habits and egg whites simply does not help. But I recommend collagen, which proved to be very effective and useful.
  • eisenstiefel


    The answer is obviously yes. There are many of reasons that can cause eye bags such as longtime seeing computer, having hard work and lacking of sleep and genetic etc. However, the essential reason is the unhealthy blood circulation. The blood stagnation that causes the toxin precipitation under the eye skins, which is how the eye bags come out. Nicely, the collagen protein, which is a part of egg whites can effectively improve the situation of the unhealthy blood circulatioon and help tighten pores and reduce bags under the eyes. Just use your fingers to apply a small amount of egg white under your eyes and leave it for several minutes to dry. Finally, rinse them with warm water. I believe the changes will be seen soon.Thanks for consulting.