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Why do you get double vision when tired?

I get double vision when my eyes are tired. Why? Is it really bad for eyes?
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  • EDGAR Schneider


    Hello, it is normal that brain keeps the two eyes working together so that each eye is looking at the same object.But if some people get tired, the control taken by his or her brain will be affected, and you may have muscle imbalance, thus your eyes will have trouble seeing one image, so you will get double vision. For the treatment, you can just have rest and sleep.
  • Erin jackson


    I have known that nerves in brain will strike with unreasonable and excessive using. Eh, it sounds weird. But it is true. Nerves in our brains like main engine control the whole human movements. When the main engine doesn't work, we cannot paly computers any more. Just like that, we can hardly to get well when we feel tired because tired. In details, when nerves that govern our eye movements cannot give clear orders due to tired, our brain will slow down. Naturally, you will not get the eyes tracking on something quickly. Then the proper times to get right images are missed and we are refused to get a single image. In addition, tired not only affects vision, but also affects our body reaction. Tired can cause clouding of consciousness and attention-deficit disorder, then we are easy to hurt ourselves, even loss our life. In addition, eye tired is the basic factor that causes eye problems, such as pink eyes and dry eyes. Good rest is really essential to enjoy.
  • christensengirl


    I had the same experience, if the double vision is only caused by tiredness, just have enough time rest, and your vision will be recover soon. Howeer, if this method cannot help, your double vision may be caused by other reasons, such as injury or disease, have a regular check and ask your doctor for help.