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Does spinach make your eyes whiter?

I am told that spinach can lead to people' s eyes whiter, really? Is that good or bad?
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  • Kyle owen


    Yes, spinach can lead to people's eyes whiter. It is good for the eyes. Spinach contains large amounts of antioxidants which has anti-aging effect, promote culture cell proliferation, activate brain function and enhance the vitality of youth. If old people eat spinach 2 to 4 times a week, they could reduce the risk of retinal degeneration. Spinach can preserve vision, mainly due to its A carotenoid material. This material can prevent sunlight networks which can be caused by membrane damage. The carotene contained in the body can change into vitamin A which helps to maintain healthy vision and epithelial cells which are often combined with the protein in spinach riboflavin and iron phosphorus and other inorganic salt content. Eating spinach can be good for the eyes which could make the eyes become moisture and bright.
  • Alexander green


    It is not very likely that spinach could make the eyes become whiter. Eating plenty of spinach is helpful in reducing the odds of getting blindness especially in an erlderly age instead of leading to whiter eyes. This is because the spinach is quite abundant in carotenoid which is good for the vision of eyes. In addition to that, the rate of getting retinal macular degeneration for the people who eat much spinach is 43%lower than that of those who do not eat much spinach. the lutein and the zeaxanthin are the two main carotenoids in the spinach which can help restrain the degeneration and aging of the eyes. The more carotenoids people take in, the less possibility of getting macular degeneration will be.