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Why do my eyes burn when i walk outside?

It is strange that every time I walk outside, my eyes will burn. Does that mean I am suffering from an eye disease?
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  • Michelle percy


    It is really abnormal to suffer burn eyes when you walk outside. Do you feel itchy eyes? Or are your eyes are red. If so, it maybe caused by infection. If so, you can use some anti-inflammation eye drops to your eyes. Also, stay intensive sunlight can also cause burning eyes. If this is the causes, you can get yourself a pair of sunglasses. What's more, long time seeing computer screen or TV screen may also cause burning eyes. In this cases, getting good rest can help your eyes. If above factors are not happen to you, you'd better see a eye doctor for sake of your eyes.
  • Ethan edward


    When your eyes feel burning when you walk outside, your eyes must have got infection at the eyes because of the invisible bacterium. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes get bright and moisture. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes get moisture. You could try the above two ways.
  • Sara


    As the environment of outside can be unpredictable, so there can be a lot of factors to cause the problem. First of all, it may be the allergic reaction comes from the fowers powder( it’ s very common in spring you know) , so you have to use eyedrops to relieve it after you have confirmed it. Secondly, it may be the dust of storm( I wonder if you are living in the north of China where in spring, storm can be very frequent), some unknown bacterias on the dust can induce eye problems. Thirdly, it can be the sun light. If you fear of light, it does indicate that you may have some eye problem, you’ d better have a check to find the problem. Hope that will help.