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Why do my eyes water when i wear makeup?

I try to do makeup with eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. But my eyes keep watering when i do it. Why?
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  • Kevin percy


    In fact, it's quite a common phenomenon. Our eyes include lacrimal gland and lacrimal passage. The former is responsible for the produce of tears and the later for its elimination. In normal situation, some tears are evaporated into the airs and others inflow into the nasal cavity through lacrimal passage. It is normal to get our eyes water when our nerve system is stimulated. Some people's eyes are sensitive to makeup, which will stimulate the eye nerves. Thus, our eyes will automatically produce some tears to keep them moist, which is the reason why you always shed tears when we wear makeup. It is not a serious problem, if you really feel uncomfortable, just take some eye drops, perhaps things will turn out right. However, if the symptom become worse, you'd better see a doctor to get a physical examination.
  • Brandon evelyn


    Several reasons can lead to your watery eyes. First of all, you may have allergy. Since if you are allergic, your eyes are sure to swell up.Second, you eyes can be too sensitive to the cosmetics you use. So you need to choose others fit for your eyes well. You can have a treatment for you allergy if you have it and if it does not work, try to find cosmetics fit you better. Good luck!
  • Arianna walker


    Watery eyes are tears keeping draining from eyes and tears help keep the surface of the eye moist. Dry eyes, clogged tear ducts and conjunctivitis are all causes of watery eyes. If you have no these eye problems and symptoms, then you may consider the factors that cause eye keep watering are environmental irritants, such as chemicals, hot wind, bright light and cosmetics. Well, I guess your eyes keep watering is possible because of your eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. These things may allergic. Your skin, especially your eyes are not suitable for brands of cosmetics that you are applying. The best thing to do is wash them with warm and clean water. And then drop some basic drops, next close your eyes to stay fit. If these solutions do not work, please call a doctor for help, oculist is much better, I think so. Keep easy, you'll be okay.

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