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Is white light bad for your eyes?

I heard that white light is bad for eyes. It even cause myopia. Really? How do you think of it?
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  • Jean Caster


    Yes, it is. When you are using white light lame, you'd better not stare into the beams at close range. White lights are very bright and can do harm to your eyes. It may cause permanent eye damage. However, white lights products are everywhere, they are cheap and energy saving, if you can use them properly, there is nothing to be worried about. But till now, there are no scientific studies showing that reading by white light causes myopia. I think it's more about you reading habit.


    It seems that you concern a lot about your eye health, which is very good. And from what i know, white light is too some extent harmful to our eyes for its frequency of shining. However, there are some good LED lights on the market, which could be our best companion, so I would like to recommend them. Just try to take some breaks during business hours and get some vitamin pills, eye drops, etc.
  • Derek T.


    In my opinion , the true thing which is bad for eyes is sitting so long time under the bright lighting and it is no doubt that working day and night under bright fluorescent bulbs will cause permanent damage to eyesight. Bright white fluorescents emit UV light equal to or even stronger than that from sunlight and it may cause irreparable damage to the eye. So, you’d better make use of natural lighting whenever and wherever you can.