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What happens if you don't wear the glasses at a 3d movie?

Can i see 3d movie without wearing 3D glasses? What will happen?
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  • Mariah


    If you do not wear 3D glasses when you see the 3d movie, you will see the movie in blurry, with two images. It will be bad for your vision. You need to wear 3d glasses to help you see the movie in the clear state. At the same time, the 3d glasses will protect your eyes from the stimulation of the screen. You should not take it off and see the movie which will hurt your vision.
  • Judy


    You can't see 3D movie without wearing 3D glasses. If you do not have 3D glasses on during the movie, you will not enjoy the fun of watching 3D movie. To achieve the 3D effect, some movies use a dual-color technique while the others use a dual-polarization effect. Taking off the 3D glasses, you will see the movie as 2D with blurriness of the images or outlined in blue and red. I suggest that you should buy a pair of 3D glasses or receive the glasses handed out by the cinema, or you'll have a really bad time in the cinema.
  • Victor Lee


    Yes. If you don't wear them,the universe would blow up because you would have found out the secrets of the world.But when the last star explodes,it will create a sonic wave,creating the universe again.Thus the big bang theory.Then time itself would start all over.But not changing.Then In a billion years, you would go see titanic 3d.And then you would decide to take the glasses off.
  • piter


    I've done it before and it did nothing to my eyes, and nothing happen to your eyes, perhaps, you just see some doubling. It may cause some eye strain but wouldn't cause any permanent damage.
  • walkerstalker2


    Of course you can see 3d movie without wearing 3D glasses, but you can't feel the stereoscopic effect, and what you can see in the screen is vague and double image 3Dmovies are made by two cameras,it is just as if the person's right and left eye.Then put the two lens together, it will produce the stereoscopic effect. Wearing 3D glasses can give us a very realistic experience as if we are there.
  • makayla welch


    you wont see the colors like everyone else can