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Joanne McAlpine


What eye color do men prefer on women?

I just want to ask some men. What colored eyes do you prefer for your girlfriend? How do you think of the color of eyes on women?
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  • Brook Park


    There is no general agreement on which eye color of women is the most attracted to men. It depends on different men. Actually, most men don't care about the eye color of women. For some men, the color of eyes is less important than the shape of eyes. In most cases, the overall appearance of women and their figures are the decisive elements in the process of attracting a man. But, there is an interesting scientific research showing that blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women:
  • elpropio


    Well, this is a good question. Men differ in their preferences when it comes to their favor of eye colors on women. I am a dude, so I will definitely go with crystal clear blue eyes. They really look fascinating and mesmerizing. A sight of such colored eyes will render me infatuatedly paralyzed. (Shame that my girlfriend doesn't have such amazing eye colors, lol. But I love her anyway.) Many of my friends around me find green attractive, especially on girls with dark brown or black hairs. Some others are into hazel or black color. Eye color is just a facet of women's attractiveness, so don't bother yourself with it. Any color matters as long as you exude confidence when with guys.
  • hill


    For most men, the dark blue eyes will be so attractive. A lot of stars own this kind of color. Their eyes look so charming and bright. In addition, the chocolate color is also the fascinating one for men. If you do not have the charming color eyes and want to look good at the eyes, you could choose to wear the colored contact lenses to improve the look of the eyes. There are a lot of colored contact lenses in the market which you could go and have a look.