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What happens if you wear dirty contacts?

I just want to know what will happen if i wear dirty contact lenses? Is it possible cause eye infection?
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  • Caitlin


    Eyes are the most delicate organs of human body, and it needs our tender care. If you wear dirty contact lenses, it is easily to be infected with the bacteria. It might lead to blurred vision, blepharitis and any other kinds of eye dieases. So we should wear contact lenses correctly and appropriately. Much attention should be paid when wearing contact lenses. Avoid wearing contact lenses in polluted areas. Remember to take off contact lenses when you wash faces and in swimming pool.
  • cajunbel29


    The answer is absolutely yes. It's very harmful and easily to give rise to eye infection if you wear dirty contact lenses. The eyes is the most fragile part in our body. As we all know, eye infections are caused because of the bacteria, virus, etc. Meanwhile, the bacteria and virus are easy to get in touch with our eyes to lead to red eyes, floaters and bloodshot or else through the dirty contact lenses. What's worse, dirty contact lenses will make it uncomfortable to wear and we can't see clearly through them. Therefore, in consideration of your eyes, you'd better replace your contact lenses with a new one as soon as possible.
  • cocreative


    Many people don't pay attention to this issue, it may cause big problems Sensitivity to light, severe pain, inflamed eyes, and blurry vision are the common things you will experience when a parasite has gone into your cornea. This rare eye disease is known as Acanthamoeba Keratitis and is often caused by wearing dirty contact lenses Apart from dirty contact lenses, you also get this by using tap water to clean off your contact lenses and swimming or showering with your contact lenses on as the parasite lives in the sewage. Our eyes are precious and we need to appreciate that treating them carelessly and with bad hygiene habits is likely to cause problems in the future.

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