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Can sinus infection cause optic neuritis?

Is it possible to lead to optic neuritis because of sinus infection? How can sinus infection affect on our health?
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  • Connor nelson


    Sinus infection is an inflammation, or swelling, of the tissue lining the sinuses. Common cold, allergy eyes and nasal polyps have chances to lead to sinus infection. Studies have already claimed that sinus infection can contribute to optic neuritis. Broadly, optic neuritis are most possible to be caused by infection, exactly autoimmune disorder, that is, there is no any effective way to fight with bacteria, virus and fungus when you get autoimmune disorder.
  • Victor Lee


    Different levels of vision loss, including
    blindness, can occur from secondary optic
    nerve dysfunction. The optic nerve may be
    involved when there is a breach in the thin
    bony structure that separates the optic
    nerve from the paranasal sinuses. This
    breach can result from: an acute sinus
    infection which causes secondary orbital
    inflammation; chronic sinus inflammation
    resulting in a fibrotic tissue mass which
    can expand and erode through the orbital
    wall; and orbital invasion from sinus
    Some of the primary symptoms of acute sinusitis include:

    Facial pain/pressure
    Nasal stuffiness
    Nasal discharge
    Loss of smell

    Additional symptoms may include:

    Bad breath
    Dental pain
  • cute_but_catty


    Yes, it is possible for you to lead to optic neuritis because of sinus infection. Optic neuritis or optic nerve papillitis refers to the floorboard of the optic nerve inflammation of any part, according to the different parts of the disease clinically. Optic neuritis is divided into two after inside the ball and the ball, the former refers to inflammation of the optic disk, after the latter of optic neuritis. Once you get the optic neuritis, you may have the bad eye vision and field of vision. You may have the pupil change and even vision loss. You may completely absent pupil direct light reaction and have severe visual impairment. Your pupil direct light reaction is abating, beginning to shrink. The sinus infection is so bad that it contains a lot of invisible bacterium which will make your eyes get red and dry. You need to use the eye drops to moisture the eyes to make the eyes feel comfortable and get rid of the bacterium. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and healthy.
  • Connor scott


    Well, in my opinion, sinus infection cannot leas to optic neuritis. First, you should know that optic neuritis, is well known as retro-bulbar neuritis, and it is a leading cause of vision loss. So in some degree, we can say that it is very dangerous to have optic neuritis. And according to some experts, there are many reasons which can cause it, such as inflammation and damage to the optic nerve. Also, smoking can just increase the risk of getting optic neuritis too. By the way, injury to the optic nerve caused by trauma, as well as indirect trauma from external force can cause damage and subsequent optic neuritis. But there is nothing to do with sinus infection. So you do not have to worry about it.

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