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Kimberly quick


Can damage to the optic nerve be reversed ?

Is it really serious to get damages optic nerve? How can i treat it? Can it be cured?
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  • cajunbel29


    It's a serious disease. You should take care of it. It may cause vision distortion, vision loss, and even blindness. It also known as optic nerve atrophy or optic neuropathy. The optic nerve is very important because it connects and transmits information between the eye and the brain. Anyway, you'd better go to hospital to have an examination. There are many causes for optic nerve damage, you need find them and seek immediate medical care. If you can treat it in its earliest stage, you can reduce the risk of serious complications, and preserve your vision. If the nerve is dead there is likely no cure and your goal should be to protect the other eye from having the same problem or new disease or injury.
  • marvina


    Yes, it is really serious for you to get damages on optic nerve. You need to have the good rest for the eyes which will relax your eyes nerves to some degree. You could use some eye drops to help you get relaxed at the eyes. The home remedy like warm compress is a good way which you could have a try. You could also do some massage which may be beneficial.
  • cookie127


    The optic nerve, also known as cranial nerve 2, transmits visual information from the retina to the brain. Well, if your optic never is damaged, you may get blurred vision, even blindness. This influnce can be permanent and potentially. So protect optic nerve in daily life is the emergeny thing to do.However, damages are aleady happend, then see a doctor to determine the treatment option. Plus, acupuncture , broad and profound treatment option in aceint China has been touted in some quarters as a means of helping to strengthen the remaining nerves.