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Sara scott


Is green light bad for your eyes?

Can green light damage our eyes? Or shall we use white light in our bedroom?
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  • eisenstiefel


    If you have good reading habit, no matter what color of light you use will not damage your eyes. In addition to the appropriate brightness of the light, what we should consider is the stability of light, uniformity and continuity. Besides, the comfort of the color is very important. Personally, in the bedroom we had better use warm color light. Because too flowery light is too dazing and not good for our sleep. White an yellow light will be fit for bedroom.
  • Caroline bell


    In all colors, the green light is considered the best light for the eyes. Green light has shorter the wavelength, before the image on the retina, to adjust to relax so that the ciliary muscle rest the eyes to reduce eye fatigue. In daily life, watching green is good for eye care. Vast fields, forests and crops, pleasant fresh air can not only make people feel good but also relax people's mind. So, I recommend you from using white light instead of green light.