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Why are my eyes so sensitive to wind?

My eyes are very sensitive to wind. Why? Is it a sign of eye disease?
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  • Joan


    Pls relax yourself, because there is no problem with your eyes. Everyone's eyes will tear at something which is sensitive, such as the coldness and wind. You can sense it just because you are more sensitive than others. As far as I know, there are some reasons that make your eyes sensitive. On one hand, you are more sensitive because of your gene, which will not be stopped just can be released. On the other hand, if you make your eyes over working, and if you lack of sleep, you will also find your eyes are sensitive to the wind. Nevertheless, you can stop it by your actions, that is to say, you can ask the doctor to give you some eye drops, which will help you. Also, you should let your eyes have enough rest and try your best not to make your eyes over working. Hope my advice can help you.
  • Joshua?


    Here I list several eye problems which are related to eyes are sensitive to wind. I believe many people have learned about photophobia. Generally speaking, photophobia is people who are afraid of light. The prominent symptoms for photophobia are sensitive to light and wind. So I guess your eyes sensitive to wind just because they are afraid of light. By the way, photophobia makes eyes much sensitive than before. Next is dry eyes. The tears are much less than normal often causes dry eyes. Dry eyes are very afraid of wind. That's for wind can increase eye pain and makes dry eyes condition much worse. Red eyes and eye irritation also let eyes are sensitive to wind. In addition, uncomfortable contact lenses make your eyes much sensitive to wind. Well, I wanna emphasis one point, which is your genes are also causes of your eyes are sensitive to wind. So the best way to solute your confusion is wear eye protection and go to see a doctor.
  • handril


    Maybe it's a sign of eye disease if you are very sensitive to wind, and your eyes could be watery and sticky. Sensitive eyes can be caused by many problems, such as seborrheic blepharitis, dry eyes, eye cysts, allergies and so on. See a doctor and have a regular check to figure out the causes of your eye sensitive to wind.