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How to keep my eyes clear and white?

My eyes always look tired and cloudy. How can I keep them white and clear?
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  • walkingintoyou


    First, have a balanced diet like eating foods rich in Vitamins C, A, E, beta carotene and zinc, which can help keep eyes healthy. Getting enough sleep is a good way to keep eyes away from dryness, redness and irritation so that your eyes can keep clear and white. Next, give your eyes enough time to rest while reading, watching TV or playing computer in case your eyes get tired and stressed. You'd better take regular breaks when you stare at the screen so as to relax your eyes, which is also a good way to keep eyes clear and white.
  • Jade scott


    First of all, you shall keep balanced life style. Eating foods rich in Vitamins C, A, E, beta carotene and zinc and keep good sleep. Second, if you wear contact or eyeglasses lenses, you shall keep them clean. That is to say, you shall regularly clean and store your lenses into fresh solution. Third, wearing a pair of good quality sunglasses when you outside in sunny day to shield your eyes. Four, you shall take regularly break when you working at computer screen or reading.
  • Luke oliver


    That's because you don't have a good rest. It is very important for us to have some enough sleep. We need to go to bed and wake up early every day, so your eyes will not tired and cloudy. And there are some eye drops for tired eyes, these eye drops can prevent infection, reduce inflammation and control eye pressure, can make your eyes bright.