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Brian Clem


Does VSP cover lasik surgery?

Does anyone know if VSP covers lasik surgery cost? What discount you can get on LASIK if you have VSP insurance?
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  • David Safir


    Yes. VSP include laser eye surgery, you can get discount from it. Usually, VSP and TLC have partnered to offer a 10% savings on laser eye surgery. Besides, VSP also include vision examination, prescription of corrective lenses when indicated, contact lenses in place of prescription glasses, and discounts and allowances on lenses and frames, contact lenses exam etc. So, if you are going to eye exam, or eye surgery, just take your VSP, it will help you save money.
  • Sharon Field


    Yes. VSP is short for Vision Service Plan which can provide some eye care services like LASIK and other types of corrective eye surgery. It may offer 10% on LASIK surgery. If you have VSP insurance, you should talk to your surgeon about it before you have lasik surgery. Or you can contact your insurance company to ask them what discount your insurance can cover the lasik surgery.


    does VSP INSURANCE cover eyes operation

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